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Are you currently looking for a speaker to teach you how to overcome adversity and succeed in business and life?  Do you want your audience to leave pleased and happy?  How about student-athletes who may have everything going for them, to suddenly lose it all after a career-ending injury?  If so, Darcy Keith is THE speaker who gives true information, insight, and joy in her presentations.

A truly inspiring story
. Until September 12,1991, Darcy Keith's life was pretty normal. A gifted student in actuarial science at Ball State University in Muncie, IN, the attractive, intelligent and popular 22-year-old led an active, normal collegiate life.

Then tragedy struck . She was riding home with four sorority sisters from a function at Morehead State University in Morehead, Ky., when their car was hit broadside by a semi-tractor trailer. The car was crushed completely by an impact so great that the license plate of the semi-tractor was imprinted into its crumpled side panel. Two of Keith's friends in the backseat, where she was also sitting, were killed instantly. Learn how determination and hope kept her alive . Hear about how she became known as the "Miracle Child" .

Darcy has been recognized internationally for her speaking by being selected by ThinkFirst chapters nationally and around the world as the 2006 National ThinkFirst VIP Speaker of the Year,  recognized as an Indiana Hero by the Indiana Pacers basketball team, and was selected as a 2000 Ball State University Graduate of the Last Decade, among other honors listed on this website. Darcy is an accomplished speaker and has obtained her Competent Toastmaster (CTM) designation , as well as serving as a charter member of Toastmaster's Talking Heads Club #761. She is also a CLASS graduate (Christian Leaders Authors Speakers Seminar), studying under Florence Litthauer, CSP, CPAE, world-renowned Christian speaker, and attended Christian speaker Carol Kent's "Speak Up with Confidence" speech clinic at the Weslyan Women's Ministry Summit.

She has touched many lives through her work with the Indianapolis Neurosurgical Group since 1994. And through the international program, ThinkFirst, she makes many classroom presentations about her recovery process from traumatic brain injury, memory loss, and paralysis. She has touched thousands of students by sharing how her life changed in one instant from an unexpected event.

Keith gladly volunteers up to two weeks of her personal vacation time every year to make these appearances. Her main goal in this work is to promote brain injury prevention, especially with teenage audiences, who are especially vulnerable to these injuries.

"It is the obligation of the cured to help others, I believe. We can choose to be the victims of our circumstances,or to decide to accept, grow and learn from our hardships. I chose not to be a victim, and this has made all the difference for me. I hope that it can help others to overcome their challenges in life as well."

Why should you hire this national award-winning speaker and author?

The audience will learn:  The SECRET formula to overcoming adversity.  Make good choices when things happen that are not in your control. Be happier by getting back and focusing on the basics of life. Understand how to persevere through tough times. Learn how to beat the odds and achieve the unimaginable goals in life. Challenges others to make and strive for higher goals.

Popular Presentations in the "Turning Quicksand Into Solid Ground" series:

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  • "5 Tips for Creating a Better Future"
  • "It's About Hope: Rebuilding Your Life When It's Turned Upside Down"
  • "Silent But Violent: How to Sniff Out and Prevent Brain Injuries"
  • "Just Buckle It: How to Make Good Decisions Behind the Wheel and In Life"
  • "Me and My Big Feet: How to Take A Stand and Be A Leader In Your Organization"
  •  "The Little Decison: How to Make Good Decisions and Reduce Stress In Life"
  • "From Your House to the Statehouse: How to Provide Effective Testimony When You Have A Disability"

    Life is full of adversity and difficult obstacles, some of which may seem unbearable.  How do we get past those life altering situations that drastically change us?  Darcy Keith, a motivational speaker in Indiana, has helped thousands of different people overcome their daunting challenges.  An internationally renowned inspirational speaker, Darcy Keith can teach you how get your life back after enduring a difficult hardship.


    Darcy, a traumatic brain injury survivor, knows firsthand how misfortune can change your life.  Since becoming a motivational speaker, Darcy has shared her hardships and subsequent triumphs with others.  Her uplifting story of resolve is perfect for any group or individual who is looking to overcome their difficulties.  Whatever your personal complications may be, Darcy Keith can inspire you and help you pick up the pieces.

    Darcy Keith will change the perspective of your audience.  The audience will learn the steps it takes to overcome adversity and get your life on track.  Designate her as your keynote speaker and she will touch the lives of the audience.

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